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Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) increased quarantine intervention


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Measures to manage BMSB risk on containers from Italy (mandatory treatment of all sea cargo)


Please see below the official statement issued by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources:

"The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) has found significant numbers of BMSB on arrival in Australia in various types of containerised goods arriving from Italy. These detections indicate that BMSB are sheltering in a range of containers and goods outside of those captured by existing measures.

To manage the risk posed by these goods, all containerised goods shipped via sea cargo from Italy that arrive in Australia between 17 January 2018 and 30 April 2018 will be required to undergo an approved treatment.  Refer to the 2017-18 BMSB Season Measures webpage for information about approved treatments for this pest."

Further information can be found here:

Please ensure your suppliers are aware of the requirements and all cargo is sufficiently treated at origin in order to avoid lenghty delays and extra costs upon arrival.

We encourage everyone to contact the Fracht team if you have any further questions or require further information.

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