Fracht Group in Australia

The continent of Australia has always been an important part of the world for the FRACHT Group to do business in. The rugged and sometimes desolate topography of this great land is amongst the same as the environment FRACHT LTD has excelled in throughout many project transports in the Middle East and developing countries. Northern Australia replicates the intricate and challenging environs of South East Asia and the areas of Central and South America. Another proving ground for FRACHT to clients such as the Siemens Group, GE, Alstom, Hitachi, Suzuki or ABB.

In 1987 FRACHT LTD invested in Australia and together with FRACHT Australia's Chairman, Peter Pluess, began representing the FRACHT Group's interests. Peter had worked for FRACHT AG globally since 1976 and had already been here in Australia representing the FRACHT Group since early 1983.

This company was established in late 1987 with the head office in Sydney and a branch office in Melbourne.

The second local shareholder and Director of Fracht Australia Pty Limited, Peter Gasnier also had a long association with the Fracht Group. He joined a Fracht related company in early 1986.

Fracht opened its fully operational Adelaide branch office in 1991 and further expansion saw the establishment of Fracht in Brisbane and Perth in 1995.

Today Fracht Australia is owned 50% by Fracht AG Basel / Switzerland and 50% by the Australian Directors. In Australia the group operates from 3 locations in Sydney and offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. All offices have project transport capabilities and enjoy a solid reputation for superb Customer Care and Swiss quality service.

Our Swiss shareholder FRACHT LTD is one of Switzerland's leading and most respected international logistics providers with offices and joint ventures in most important trade centres all over the world. FRACHT LTD is also one of the most successful project forwarders specialising in heavy lifts and other types of very challenging movements.

The combination of a powerful, well established forwarder overseas owning 50 per cent of our shares while the Australian directors own the other 50 per cent results in many tangible benefits for our clients. On the one hand there is the very solid background, support and strength from overseas and on the other hand a very fast, efficient and hands on decision making process without interference from overseas. Our clients get the best of both worlds - local Australian know how coupled with superior European expertise and resources.

Thank you for your support.

Fracht Australia Team

Our goal is the delivery of innovative, tailor-made logistics solutions that give our customers quantifiable added value. We achieve this with our dedicated personnel, our long-standing experience and the latest information technology.

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